Chanakya Neeti

1. Scholar and king are never comparable. King is worshipped in his country, but scholar is worshipped everywhere.

2. Noble people have all good qualities and fools have only bad qualities. So, people respect only one noble person instead of a thousand fools.

3. He who looks at other’s wife as mother, treats others’ wealth as stone, and treats everyone as himself, is really noble.

4. Wealth comes and goes, life and youth goes from the living, in this world of coming and going, ‘dharma’ alone is firm.

5. One good and noble son is better than a hundred fool sons. Only one moon lights the sky, where as thousand stars do not. Similarly one noble son brings fame and respect to family than hundred fools.

6. Wearing expensive dresses a fool looks like a scholar from a distance. But, when he opens his mouth his ignorance comes out.

7. He who stands with, in good times, bad times, draught, riot, war, king’s court and after death; is a real friend.

8. The friend who talks sweet in front and does harm in the back, such friend must be left just like a pot of poison with cream of milk on top.

9. Revealed is truth of servant’s loyality in time of work, friend’s friendship in time of danger and bad time and wife’s love in time of loss of wealth.

10. An evil person must never be trusted even if talks sweet. Because an evil person has sweet on tounge, but has a heart filled with poision.

11. Snake is cruel and an evil person is also cruel, but an evil person is more cruel than a snake. Snake can be controlled by mantra and medicine, but how can an evil person be controlled?

12. A distance of a thousand hands in case of elephant, hundred hands for a horse, and ten hands for a cattle should be maintained. But, in case of an evil person one must leave the place.

13. An elephant is controlled with a goud, a horse by beating with hand, a cattle with a stick, and an evil person with a sword strike.

14. Poor people desire wealth, power of speech animals wish for, humans desire heaven, Gods wish for ‘mokshya’.

15. Wise people do not talk about – loss of wealth, sadness in heart, family scandal, getting cheated, and insult.

16. Wealthy people, scholars, king, river and doctor; where these five are not there, one should not live in that place.

17. The country where people do not have respect or friends or love and where there are no scholars; one should leave that country.

18. One should not reveal work that has been planned in mind. Because if others know about the plan they will try to create problems in that.

19. Rain over ocen is meaningless, meaningless is feeding a well fed person, charity to a rich person is meaningless, meaningless is lighting lamp in daylight.

20. The perosn who has a bad wife, a betrayer as a friend, a servant who answers, and a snake in house; undoubtly will die before time.

21. Loan should be completely paid back, fire should be removed completely, and root of illness should be completely removed. Otherwise these three again grow up.

22. No drink is better than rain water, no power is equal to will power, no light is brighter that vision of eyes, no wealth is more satisfying than food.

23. Cookoo’s beauty is her voice, wife’s beauty is her husband, knowledge is the beauty of ugly looking people and forgiveness is beauty of noble people. In other words external beauty is not the real beauty; inner beauty is the real beauty.

24. Wise person does not regret even if he is poor, there is no reason to regret if friend is a wise one, a widow has no reason to regret if she has sons and grandsons. Because these people will alwyas live in happiness.

25. Lanka was destroyed because of too much pride of Ravana; Kaurabas were destroyed due to too much pride; Bali was bound because of too much giving; too much of everything is bad.

26. By truth is held earth in its place, by truth is sun shining, by truth is air blown, everything is held by truth.

27. Charity destroys poverty, good behavior destroys trouble, intelligence removes ignorance, worshipping God removes fear.

28. A person comes to this world alone, he gets rewarded for good deeds alone, he alone gets punished for his wrong doings, and he departs this world all alone.

29. ‘Dharma’ is protected by money, education by practice, king is protected by politeness, home by good women.

30. Knowledge is a person’s friend in foreign land, at home wife is the best friend, medicine is a sick person’s friend, ‘dharma’ is the only friend after death.

31. Rare is truth and loving words, rare is a noble and respecting son, rare is a wife with same characters as self, and rare is a well wishing friend.

32. Not all mountains contain gems in them, nor does every elephant has pearl in it. noble people are not found everywhere, nor is sandlewood found in every forest.

33. King is the power of powerless, crying is the power of children, silence is the power of fool and lie is power of thives.

34. Massaging dog’s tail with oil, keeping it straight with rope around it for twelve years does not make it straight. Similarly a persons natural behavior and characteristics can not be changed.

35. There is no friend like knowledge, no enemy like desease, no love like love for son, and no power like God’s power.

36. There is no penance better than peace, no happiness better than satisfaction, there is no desease worse than greed, and no better dharma than kindness.

37. The way gold’s purity is tested by rubbing, cutting, heating and pounding, similarly, a person’s quality is tested by gentleness, manners, habits and deeds.

38. Knowledge is maintained through practice, family’s name by its credentials, a noble person is known by his good qualities, and a person’s anger from his eyes.

40. King is responsible for wrong doing of it’s subjects, precepter for the wrong doings of the king, husband is responsible for his wife’s faults, teacher for the disciple’s fault.

41. Life without education is as worthless as a dog’s tail. It can neither hide dog’s private parts nor can it ward off flies.

42. A blind person can not see, nor can a person blinded by lust; person blinded by wealth can not see, nor does an arrogant see his faults.

43. Evil people wish for only wealth, whereas average people wish for wealth and fame. noble people wish for fame as only fame is their wealth.

44. One should be satisfied with three things that he already has – own wife, food and wealth. One should not be satisfied with three things – gaining knowledge, penance and charity.

45. Scent in flower, oil in seed, fire in wood, ghee in milk, sugar in sugarcane, and soul in body are not seen from outside.


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