How to Develop a Sound Mind

1. Be purposeful and make a commitment

Modifying downbeat and making room for new constructive routines is a straightforward but not an effortless procedure and requires a solid dedication from you. It is essential that you put together the resolution and be obvious about your intent to actualize transition. Believe it and put it down in writing (either on a notebook/piece of paper or on a computer text file, or on whichever thing you can see) as well as declare it aloud to yourself. Thus, you are making an assurance to yourself to accomplish what it calls for to get your goal done and develop a sound mind condition.

2. Your thoughts shape your life

As revealed earlier, thoughts are chronic and it can be rather tricky initially to intentionally know about every ideas / visuals that crosses your mind. Before you adjust them for the good, you ought to be alert of precisely what you are conceiving. Make it a precedence to concentrate on what reflections traverse within as your day progresses. Pay attention to the intuitions arise as you are managing with contrasting individuals and circumstances. Be cautious not to evaluate your thoughts, for the time being just acknowledge them.

3. Initiate the U-turn

Now that you are responsive of your thinking patterns, you can then proceed to transform them to your favor and you have the control to switch a gloomy thought into a well-convinced one.

When you perceive a disconfirming thought in your mind deliberately, choose to take U-turn at it. Don’t be anxious if initially you don’t trust your new positive thought, as eventually that will reverse. By changing your colorless thought to an affirmative one, you will ultimately build new thought patterns and customs. You will also be establishing a positive force contained by yourself as pitted to an unenthusiastic.

This process is clear-cut yet not effortless, but it influences just fine. It is an issue of fusing with your beliefs all the time. After a phase, your contradictory thought patterns will no longer have the command to shape or restrict any outlook of your life implicating your feelings. These positive thought patterns will unleash a unique energy and develop a more confident way of being which will sequentially draw more such awesome power in your life.

In due course with sheer sense of pursuing, you will observe that when a weak thought creeps up you will consistently toggle it instantly to a positive. Then by the time you recognize it, the disapproval will be vanished and it will be swapped with a genuine and self-asserting consciousness, a definitive path to have a sound mind.

4. Enhance mind power

All right, so far we saw — how to be purpose-driven and make commitment to achieve the goals, importance of thought patterns, and how to spring up positive thoughts. Now to keep on doing this, we need to enhance our mind power. Here are some simple / effective / practical methods to do so.

a. Deep breathing: More air intake means more oxygen in the bloodstream and so in the brain.

b. Meditation: Nothing fancier. Just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Relax your muscles. When your mind roams, just get your awareness back to your breath. 5-10 minutes of this will be enough and commonly unwind you, unclutter your mind, and prepare you for any rational chore.

c. Solve a problem – use 5 Whys technique: Take a problem that has been bugging you for a long time and ask “why?” and “what is the cause of this problem?” which will lead to another why and so on. You’ll probably figure out the solution within few whys. The 5 Whys technique is a straightforward method that can assist you rapidly get to the cause of a problem. Make problem solving a habit and no problems will bother you! At least, your mind is tuned to think so. By the way, Sudoku / crossword puzzles, brainteasers will be of some great help too.

d. Learn a new language / culture. As you learn fresh things a lot, your mind will be in top shape.

e. Writing: Don’t just store your thoughts. Write it out. Whether it’s a poem / story / short idea / blog post inspiration or whatever, write it on appropriate medium to boost your mind power. And don’t be shy to show it to your friends.

f. Sleeping: Give your brain required rest. Don’t stress yourself to work. Minimum 6 to maximum 8 hours of sleeping is required for optimal brain functioning. To enhance it further take a 10 minutes power nap in the afternoon. Never average out your sleeping hours. Say for example, 20 hours workdays and sleeping 20 hours on weekends won’t do it!

g. Simple workouts: such as brisk walking, aerobic exercises, skipping/roping, swimming, riding a bicycle will improve both your physical and mental health. Pick at least one and do it daily. Can’t you allocate 10-20 minutes/day for such fruitful activities?

h. Food for thought: You’re what you eat. Avoid junk food, alcohol, and smoking. Drink plenty of water, milk. Moderate intake of coffee is O.K. Add spinach, blueberries, nuts and seeds, tuna, salmon, avocados, whole-grain products, dark chocolate, dry fruits — to supercharge your brain.

And there are plenty of other ways exist to enhance your mind power — which deserves another separate article itself. So watch this space!

5. Visualize what you need/want

Visualizing what you need / want, consequently turning your life’s forthcoming events into your favor is a remarkable workout to develop a sound mind.

Thoughts, if influential enough are asserted by our subliminal mind, which then transforms our attitude as a result with our inclinations and deeds, and this puts us across into get in touch with new people / circumstances we would have never believed possible before.

Positive mental picture (aka visualizing) is an exceptionally rewarding and trouble-free means of quickening the course of action by tricking the intuitive into conceiving that you have, by now, through something before you have. Certainly this in and of itself will not roll you into an overnight success, you do truly have to work hard at it, implement the visuals on top, but in the end it will prop you achieve something more promptly. All you require to do to be thriving at this is to picture yourself doing something incredible, as you would need / want to do it. Is it sound like some heavy matter? Sincerely, not at all if you make your mind up for it.

Beliefs are empowered with an innovative power that shapes our life and captivates what you sense. Thoughts pass through from one consciousness to another, and if they are firm enough, they can be reflexively discovered by people who are in a viewpoint to guide you reach your needs and ambitions.


It’s hard to make up your bed while you’re still sleeping in it.  Hard to make up your mind for the same reason.  – Robert Brault

Concisely, to develop a sound mind, you should practice these steps: Set a goal and commit to achieve it — Make your thoughts count — Turn the negative thoughts to positive ones – Exercise your mind muscles to keep growing — Visualize the success, or whatever thing you need / want.

Developing and always keep on working to have a sound mind is very crucial and it can be beneficial to improve many aspects of our life, can make a positive impact.



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