5 Most Ignored Principles Of Great Leadership


1). Integrity means to be willing to be misunderstood

The Human Being is unique in every way. Indeed, he is so unique that he can be seen as a world on his own. It takes a set of rules to rule a world. This set of rule belongs to the ruler and is established through the unique vision of the ruler himself. To maintain integrity is to be willing to maintain a personal vision beyond the need to be understood.

2). Self-Confidence means to be faithful to your Truth

Your Truth is your message and your Life is the channel that displays it. Each decision, each choice you make is a moment of self-definition that is recorded in the library of your Soul. To be Faithful to your Truth is to build your message with the strongest words, the most inspiring vibes and the greatest vision.
"5 Most Ignored Principles Of Great Leadership"

3). Clarity means to be open to give a voice to your heart

Where the mind may, at times, seem blurry and confused, the heart always knows. A great leader is someone who has reconnected consciously with the voice within and is willing to give it a sound. The heart speaks the language of the visionary and the kind which are two compelling advantages for leadership to be seen as extraordinary.

4). Inner-Strength means to be strong in your vulnerability

The greatest foundation of a Great leader lies in his humanity. The humanity part of us is the vulnerable one. Once you are willing to let other see you the way you truly are, then there is nothing to hide anymore and strength emerges as a natural and essential asset of your being.

5). Be detached from expectations, yet attached to the journey

While a vision gives an aim into the future, the great leader knows one Truth. That Truth is that nothing is happening in the future that doesn’t begin in the now. The journey that paves the path to the virtual vision is made of actions that create it one step at a time. These are the fundamentals of success, these are the essential stones to Growth and expansion.

Courtesy: Modern Life Blogs


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