lord brahma

Without the mind, there is no creation. The mind is that creates everything. This is represented by Brahma, the creation God. He creates and decides the life-span of  everything. He is the script writer of the whole event. Any creation is constrained by time and space. This is why in Vedic-Mythology (Puranas), the creator god Brahma is personified with four heads (see picture on left). Three heads represents the three axes of space (Length, height and breadth) and fourth represents time.  

Brahma seated on a Lotus flower creates everything. But he is in turn created by the Cosmic Intelligence. Then after 100 Brahma years he gets old and dies. One second of Brahma is equal to 100, 000 human years. One Day of Brahma is equal to 86400,00, 000 human years (8.6 billion years).

 End of each day, he destroys the world and creates new one. Imagine the time span of one Brahma. He lives for 100 Brahma years , which is equal to 315.36 Trillion human years. The current Brahma is in his middle age. When this old Brahma dies,  a new Brahma is created by the Cosmic intelligence. Like this many Brahmas are created. But interestingly there is only One Vishnu and Shiva.  This makes sense, because there is only one Awareness and One Consciousness, but Minds are many.

So Brahma is mortal. He is not immortal. Interestingly, he is not worshiped in temples.

Several reasons exist on why he is not worshiped,

Reason 1:

There are no major festival dedicated to Brahma, is the creator of the universe and one among the Trimurti. There are numerous festivals dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu and to Mother Goddess but there are no festival dedicated to Brahma. The reason is philosophical and is told through the story of Shiva cutting the fifth head of Brahma.

Legend has it that Lord Shiva was disappointed with the world that Brahma created. Shiva saw disease, pain, suffering, death… in the world. He saw human beings madly scampering for momentary pleasure under the influence of Maya.

But Brahma was happy with his creation and he brought forth four heads to look in all direction. Brahma’s pride knew no limits and he popped up a fifth head to have a look at his creation. This pride of Brahma enraged Shiva and he became Bhairava.

Shiva as the ferocious Bhairava attacked Brahma and he cut off the fifth head for creating a world filled with misery, Shiva cursed Brahma that people will not worship him and will not conduct pujas, rituals and festivals in his name.

Brahma is usually depicted as an old man who is still chasing desires. Creations are the result of his desires. But he is not blessing the living beings with the knowledge to overcome Maya.

Reason 2:

Once upon a time Brahma the creator of the world and Vishnu the sustainer of the world were having an argument regarding who was greater. Brahma said he is greater then Vishnu and Vishnu said he is the greatest in the world. To destroy their ego, a stone we call – Linga, come out from the earth between Brahma and Vishnu and grew very high. Brahma and Vishnu were both are confused and they were afraid. They stopped fighting about who was superior and they decided that they would settle the argument by finding out who could find the beginning or end of the linga. Who ever was successful would become superior in the world. Brahma went up into space following the linga and Vishnu went down into the earth to find out where this linga was coming from. Vishnu came up from earth and said that he did not find a beginning point of the linga. Brahma came back from space and said that he found how tall linga was, because he caught a flower falling down from linga’s head in the middle of the way.

A few seconds later a voice came from the linga saying that Brahma is a liar, because he did not reach the linga’s head. Shiva came out from the linga and said to Brahma that due to his lying he would not be worshipped by people and no temple would be built for him. That is why there are no famous temples for Brahma and why nobody on earth worships him .

Reason 3:

In Hinduism the various forms of the lord are for meditation. Our minds continuously and effortlessly entertain thoughts of doing and creating. He have no difficulty creating thoughts in our minds; the only problem is that we do not know how to sustain  and destroy those thoughts very well! For instance, the thoughts “let me buy a car” or “let me buy a house” arise ver easily, but often we donot have the power to maintain that thought long enough to achieve the goal. We don not know how to sustain a noble thought in our mind when it arises, not on the other hand, do we know how to destroy ignoble thoughts. In other words, creating thoughts is spontaneous and natural to us, but the other two faculties of maintenance and destruction are much more difficult.

In addition our thought-creations become difficult to get rid of when necessary. Having created so many attachments and entanglements in our lives, we become helpless and cannot free ourselves from them. Therefore, we need the inner power of destruction. This is why we invoke Lord Shiva- to give us the capacity to destroy all attachments and unwanted thoughts. We also need the grace and blessings of Lord Vishnu to sustain our noble thoughts and to make them consistent until we reach our goal. This is the reason that we need more temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, but for Lord Brahma one is quite enough.

Reason 4:

Many great sages gathered at the bank of river Saraswati to participate in Maha yagya organized at that time. Maharishi Bhrigu was also present there. All the great saints and sages could not decide that out of the Trinity Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva who is pre-eminent and to whom should they offer Pradhanta (Master) of that yagya. With the consent of all the great saints present there, it was decided that Maharishi Bhrigu will test and decide who was pre-eminent.

Upon being entrusted with the task Maharishi Bhrigu decided to test Lord Brahma first. He went on to see Lord Brahma in Brahmalok. On reaching Brahmalok Maharishi displayed utter disrespect to Lord Brahma on purpose. Lord Brahma got angry and wanted to punish Maharishi but Maha Saraswati, wife of Lord Brahma saved Maharishi from his anger. Angry with disrespect, Maharishi Bhrigu cursed Lord Brahma that no one will worship Brahma in Kaliyug. To this day, there are very few temples devoted to Lord Brahma (the notable exception being the Brahma Temple at Pushkar).


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