Some salient features of a Guru in the human form,

1. A Guru is beyond organized religion and He looks upon all of humankind as the same. He does not discriminate on the basis of culture, nationality or gender. He only seeks the student who intensely desires spiritual growth.

2. A Guru will never ask one to convert from his religion. He will lift the student to comprehend universal spiritual principles that underlie all religions.

3. Whichever spiritual path or religion one follows, they all finally lead to the path of grace of the Guru.

4. He lifts the student to be able to access the Soul knowledge within. This is as opposed to some people with sixth sense (ESP) who, as mediums, access knowledge from subtle bodies (spirits) in the subtle dimension. When one acts only as a medium, one cannot make spiritual progress.

5. The relationship between Guru and student is pure and the love that the Guru has for the student is without expectations and is unconditional.

6. The Guru is omniscient and is therefore able to take care of the student even when he is not with Him physically.

7. Severe destiny can only be overcome with the grace of the Guru.

8. The Guru guides the student according to the six laws of spiritual practice as per the spiritual level and hence capacity. He never teaches a student beyond his capacity.


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