The Mind

The Mental Body (Manodeha) or the Mind is the seat of our feelings, emotions and desires. It carries in it countless number of impressions from this life and previous lives. It is made up of three parts:

1. The conscious mind: It is that part of our thoughts and feelings that we are aware of.

2. The sub-conscious mind: It contains all the impressions required to complete our destiny (praarabdha) in our current lifetime. Thoughts from the sub-conscious mind sometimes emerge into the conscious mind from time to time either in response to some external stimulus or at time even without it. For example during the course of one’s day one gets a random and unrelated thought about some vague incident in one’s childhood.

3. The unconscious mind: This is the aspect of our mind that we are completely unaware of. This contains all the impressions that are associated with our accumulated account.

The sub-conscious mind and unconscious mind together are known as the Chitta.

Courtesy: SSRF


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