Why to read bhagawadgita


All holy men recommend the reading of atleast few verses of the Bhagawadgita everyday even if a person finds himself busy in his daily duties. All three of our acharyas have not only written commentaries on the Gita but have also quoted its greatness in various instances. But why is the question! What is the benefit of studying it? Here’s a small but wonderful story explaining this.

A grandson was living with his grand father. For this young boy his grand father was a role model and he tried to imitate the grand father to the extent possible.His grand father was in the habit of reading Bhagwad Gita every day, and one day the young lad asked his grand father: ” Thatha, I also tried to read the Gita everyday as you do but not only that I do not understand anything of it, but also I forget it once I close the book.” He continued ” Please tell
me whether any useful purpose would be served if I continue to read the scripture.”

The wise old man did not give any reply directly but quietly took a basket full of coal and told the young boy to go to the river bed , empty it and bring him back a basket of water. The grand son obeyed and returned home with the basket ; of course all the water leaked and it was only an empty basket. The grand old man
with smiling face told his grand son to try again advising him to move a little faster this time while retuning. The grand son did as he was directed. This time also he returned with the basket without any water. The grand father again told him to try again with a little more faster. The boy ran faster, but again the basket became empty before he stepped back into the house. Since he was an obedient grand son, he again got it filled with the river water and rand very fast.

Having got exhausted and out of breath he said, ” Look Thatha, it is impossible and useless try”. “My dear boy, you think it is worthless, agreed. But look a the basket you carry now.” The clever boy realised that the basket he is carrying now has changed to a great extent. The coal basket has been cleaned and all the dirt had disappeared, internal and external.

The grand father said: ” My dear young boy, that’s what happens when one reads the Bhagwad Gita. One may not remember all the stanzas therein or understand the meaning of every line in it. But when one reads it regularly, the person will experience a change, both internal and external. “

Courtesy: Sri Sarma Sastrigal


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