concept of ichchaa

The concept of Swechchaa (My wish), Parechchaa (Other’s wish) and Ishwarechchaa (God’s wish) in spiritual practice and growth

Almost all of us identify only with our body (five senses), mind and intellect. This is also known as our ego. However spirituality teaches us that our true nature is the Soul or the God Principle within each of us. The nature of the Soul is perpetual Bliss (i.e. a superlative state of happiness that is not dependant on any stimulus). Broadly the aim of spiritual practice is to make us:

Reduce and finally dissolve our identification with our five senses, mind and intellect and Identify with and experience the Soul (the God Principle) within us.

One way to do this is by moving from swechchaa (my wish) to parechchaa (other’s wish) and finally to Ishwarechchaa (God’s wish) mode as part of our spiritual practice.

1. Swechchaa: ‘Swa’ means me or mine. Behaving in swechchaa mode means doing everything as per one’s own wish.

2. Parechchaa: ‘Par’ means others. Behaving in parechchaa mode means doing everything as per another person’s wish.

3. Iswarechchaa: ‘Ishwar’ means God. Behaving in Ishwarechchaa means doing whatever God wishes.

When we do things as per swechchaa it means acting as per our own wish which is in accordance with what our 5 senses, mind and intellect want. As we keep giving into these desires we only enhance our reliance and identification with our 5 senses, mind and intellect. This makes it impossible for us to understand and experience the Soul within us. This mode of swechchaa is like that of an animal with little or no care for others.

There is a saying that by ignoring something we reduce its effect on us. We can use this same principle in our spiritual practice. When we listen and comply with others wishes (parechchaa) we automatically give less importance and ignore our own wishes (swechchaa). When we get into the habit of acting in parechchaa mode, we begin to reduce our ego (i.e. dissolution of our 5 senses, mind and intellect).

How can we takes steps to go from Swechchaa (My wish), Parechchaa (Other’s wish) and ultimately to Ishwarechchaa (God’s wish)?

True parechchaa is thinking of the other person’s wish as your own.

With regular and increasing amounts of spiritual practice coupled with being in parechchaa mode, in time one dissolves enough of the identification one has with one’s own five senses, mind and intellect. At this stage a Guru in the manifest form comes into one’s life. A Guru has access to the Universal Mind and Intellect and acts as per God’s wish. By listening to Him and doing as per His instructions, one does as per God’s wish (Ishwarechchaa). When one’s ego has dissolved enough (i.e. at the level of a Saint) one is able to have direct access to the Universal Mind and Intellect and then directly able to do as per God’s wish. Behaving in accordance with God’s wish (Ishwarechchaa) gives us the experience of God Himself.

Courtesy: SSRF


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