akshaya tritiya

What is Akshaya Tritiya:

Muhurthas (auspicious moments) are of two types – panchanga siddha (those which are derived from almanacs), and svayam sidhha (those which are auspicious on their own). It is common practice before performing any auspicious event or function to consult the almanac to determine the right day, star and time for the function. The times determined in this manner are usually very potent. However this consideration does not apply to a set of 3.5 days because they are svayam siddha. These three and a half days are –

1) Yugadi (the first day in the New Year),
2) Vijaya dashami,
3) Akshaya tritiya
3.5) the first half of Bali Padya.

Our ancient saints have ruled that these days are universally sacred. On this day one can perform any auspicious function without consulting the almanac. Akshaya tritIya is the third day in the bright half of VaishAka. It is believed that auspicious events performed on this day yield eternal or infinite benefits (the word ‘akshaya’ means without decay or eternal). Akshaya Tritiya  is even more auspicious as it falls on Rohini Nakshatra Rohini star day. As per the Hindu traditions and culture, this festival is considered as the most significant day to perform sacred deeds (Punya Karya).Donating sandalwood and applying sandalwood paste to icons of gods in VaishAka leads to immense benefits. This is particularly true in the case of Akshaya tritIya.

History of Akshaya Tritiya:

In the Puranas, the holy Hindu scriptures, there is a story where Lord Veda Vyasa once instructed Lord Ganesha to assist him composing the Mahabharata. Ganesha accepted this offer. It is said that it was the day of Akshya Tritiya, that Lord Vedavyasa along with Ganesha started writing the Mahabharata.

Also according to traditional history the day of Akshaya Tritiya is famous because of:-

  • This day was the start of Krita Yuga.
  • Akshaya Tritiya is the day of lord Vishnu incarnated as Parshurama.
  • The Holiest River Ganga descended on earth on this holy day!
  • Sudama a childhood friend of Lord Krishna was blessed on this day with prosperity.
  • The Aradhana of Sri Vidyadhiraja Teertharu will fall on this day

Shloka extolling the greatness of Akshaya tritIya:

yah pashyati tRutIyAyAm krishNam chandanbhUshitam |
vaishAkhasya site pakshE sa yatyachyutamandiram ||

 “One viewing an icon of the Lord adorned with sandalwood paste on the third day in the bright half of VaishAka attains the abode of LordAchyuta”. As followers of Acharya Madhva, adhering to the doctrine of tAratamya (hierarchy of gods) it is very appropriate and fitting that we observe this day by worshipping the Lord within BhAratiramaNa mukhyaprAna who is enshrined within Sri Raghavendra tIrtha (Rayaru). It is very common on Akshaya tritIya for devout mAdhvas to decorate the brindAvanas of Madhva ascetics like Rayaru with sandalwood paste and offer worship to Vayudevaru (BhAratiramaNa mukhyaprAna) and various forms of the Lord like Rama, Krishna, Narasimha, VedavyAsa etc. This is one of the easiest and best ways of attaining puNya (merit).

On Akshaya Tritiya day:

Devotees, including women, offered puja and prayers at various temples to mark the occasion and celebrated with traditional religious fervour across the city. People Buy gold and silver jewelry, takes holy bath and dip in rivers, organize Ganesha and Lakshmi pooja, worship to Lord Vishnu specially on this day to get the blessing to get better health and wealth.

Ganda lepana for Sri Raghavendra Teertharu: [Mantraalaya]


Courtesy: SRS Mutt


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