effects of ego

Ego is one of the components in the covering of ignorance around us and it is the root cause of all our personality defects. It is the biggest hurdle on the path to the spiritual emotion of So-ham (I am that [God]) and attainment of Moksha (final liberation). We are the creator of the covering of ignorance and our destiny. God has come to our door-step to help us out; but due to our ego, He cannot enter the house. However, after destruction of ego, He lives in our heart.

Every incident in man’s life happens according to destiny. God does not interfere in it. While undergoing destiny, our ego troubles us unknowingly. However, if we perform appropriate spiritual practice under the blessings of Sadguru, we can happily undergo destiny. The seeker is aware of this; hence, in the process of ego removal, he destroys ‘I’ and focuses attention on ‘You’ and in the end, gets merged in So-ham bhav (the spiritual emotion that I am God). He who does not perform spiritual practice, however, gets stuck in the give-and-take account (karma).

Courtesy: SSRF


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