Yudhistir asked

O Lord of lords Purushotama, I request you to tell me the saligram significance


Lord Replied

Himalaya is situated on the bank of river Gandaki. To the south of this Himalaya a big and beautiful land is situated where you can find saligrams sila. This is the place where Devi Dwaravati begins. This place is called Mukti Kshetra.

Saligram Silas found here are very precious and significant. These silas represent Lord Vishnu and the person who worship or keeps them in house or washes them and drinks the water or sprinkles it on his head becaomes free from all sins and is protected from untimely death. That person becomes free from all sains and diseases. The most feared sin Bramahatya ( Killing a Brahmin) is also washed away by worshiping Saligram.

The person who washes saligram with chakra everyday get rid of sins like Bramahatya and if he drinks the water daily, gets the boon equal to a thousand yagyas of Lord Vishnu.

The person, who worships saligram with Tulsi leaves daily, gets the boon of million Yagya.

Except damaged and broken Sila all silas are good to worship

There are various sizes and shapes of saligrams in which Lord Vishnu is situated in different incarnations.

Good Luck increases and gets satisfaction from children in every aspect by worshipping saligram black in color with little chakras. Person who gets the chance to look at the Vasudev sila becomes free from sins. Shreedhar, Sukar,Vam, Harivarna, Varaha, Kurma and lots of other type of saligram are available. some Saligramas have the marks of cow feet and Narshimha Avtar. Sankha, Cakra, Gada, Kurma are printed on saligram. Saligram with Sankha (conch) sign is considering Vamrup of lord Vishnu, where chakra in the middle is consider as Damodar saligram. Saligrams of different shapes – round, umbrella shape which has white lines are available; worshiping this kind of saligrams gives wealth and reputation in society.

Saligram which have chakra around the head or on forehead and rest parts and clean and smooth are very auspicious and considered as Vamdeva sila.

Person who offers Tulsi leaves while worshipping saligram gets salvation and can stay at Vaikuntha (Place where Vishnu live) for a million years.

Therefore always worship saligram, chant saligram stotra which is very beneficial for mankind. We can get higher post on VishnuLok for doing so. All sins will be destroyed and one gets Vishnulok from worshiping the saligram.

There are various types of description available for Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnation therefore Lord’s incarnation Shree Saligram’s worship, Prayer and drinking the water washes away sins of a million lives and gives prosperity, wealth and reputation so Saligram should be worshipped.

this shloka is from Padma purana 118 th Adhyaya.

Tatpujane na mantrascha na japo na cha Bhavanna|
na stuthirnapichaarachara shaligrama shilarchane||

Meaning :” Never mind if u dont utter mantra, nor do japa, it is enough if one does the pooja of Shalagrama with full devotion. “


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