Why are people who sin not always punished ?

We see criminals, corrupt people or officials and politicians etc. performing many sinful acts and yet enjoying the luxuries of life.

Why do these people not get punished for their sins, is a question that upsets many.

These people are happy because of the merits of their previous birth. Even God can do nothing until the stock of their merit is over. However once the stock of their merits is over, they have to face the consequences of their sinful acts in the form of diseases, poverty, suffering in Hell (Pātāl) after death etc. In short, no one can escape sins.

Despite the merits from the previous births, since their tendencies are evil, negative energies gain control over their mind and intellect and reinforce personality defects in them. Consequently they commit more and more sins, thereby exhausting their merits very quickly.

Once their merits are exhausted, negative energies surround them from all sides, take them under their control and inflict different kinds of distress on them. Even after death, such individuals suffer in Hell for many years.

Courtesy: SSRF


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