to please god or people

Small story on whether to please people or god:

Once, a father and son were going with a horse. The son told his father, “You sit on the horse and I will walk.” The father sat on the horse. While travelling on the road, the passersby started criticizing the father saying “The father is so heartless that he is asking his son to walk in the sun and he himself is enjoying the horse ride.” Hearing this, the father asked the son sit on the horse and he started walking. As they proceeded a little further, some people passing by said, “Look how shameless is the boy! Despite being young and strong he is sitting on the horse so comfortably and making the father walk.” Hearing this comment both sat on the horse and started going ahead. Seeing both of them sitting on the horse some people on the road remarked, “How sad! Both are sitting on that small horse. That horse will surely succumb carrying such a heavy load on its back. Hearing this both of them started walking. After going a little further, some passersby commented, “How foolish are they. Despite having a horse, they are walking.”

Conclusion : Whatever we do, people will criticize; hence instead of paying attention to what people say, pay attention to what God will like us to do. It is difficult to please the whole world, but it is easy to please God.

Courtesy: His Holiness Vasant Balaji Athavale (Year 1990)


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