brahmi muhurtha

 Importance of waking up at Brahmi-Muhurta 

As specified by the Dharmashastras, we should get up at Brahmi-Muhurta.

1 Muhurta = 48 minutes. 1 day = 24 hrs = 30 Muhurtas.

Brahmi-Muhurta is the 2nd last Muhurta before sunrise. (1 hr 36 min before)

In Hinduism, Brahmi-Muhurta (time of Brahma) is a period (muhurta) one and a half hours before sunrise or more precisely is 1Hr 36 Mins. i.e. 96 Minutes = 2 Muhūrta or 4 Ghaṭīkā,and lasting for 48 minutes, is recommended in all practices of yoga is traditionally considered most apt for meditation, worship or any other religious practice.

1. Celestial souls of Divine nature move around during the Brahmi-Muhurta.

2. This period is Sattva component predominant. In this period, man’s intellect is pure and radiant.

3. During this period, there is an enhancement in qualities like purification of Sattva, getting engrossed in Karma, acquisition of Knowledge, donating, control over sense-organs, penance, Truth and peace. The qualities of compassion, moderation, shying away from objectionable Karma, stability, radiance and purity in behaviour are developed.

4. Insects like mosquitoes, bugs and fleas become weak.

5. The influence of distressing energies reduces.

Thus, it is evident that the Brahmi-Muhurta is a beneficial and important period for everyone. Hence, we should get up at Brahmi-Muhurta every day.

Yogis believe that during this pre-dawn period, the aspect of Brahma is prevalent in the atmosphere. As a result, the entire atmosphere in is charged with powerful electro-magnetic-intelligent carriers generally called spiritual vibrations that travel in a north-south direction. Aspirants sit in the opposite direction of the flow(flow direction is given from north to south)i.e. facing north direction and meditate on their deity or Omkara Brahman. With this their expectation is that their minds will be spiritually linked in those powerful vibrations.

brAhmI muhUrtaM uttiShTHEt swasthO rakshArthaM Ayusha:
tatra sarvArtha shAntyartham smareccha madhusUdanaM

(Ref: Ashtanga Hridayam)

The line translates as: ‘One should wake up in the brahma muhurta for sustaining perfect health and for achieving a long life span, as desired. ‘


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