Godavari Pushkara

What is Godavari Pushkara? How to reckon it?
What are its merits & significance?
Pushkara is a river based festival celebrated based on the transit of Jupiter (Brihaspathi) in the zodiac. Accordingly when Jupiter (Brihaspathi) transits in Simha Raasi (Leo sign) it marks the Pushkara of the holy river Godavari.

That also marks the Kumbha Mela at Nasik when both Sun & Jupiter are in Leo sign. It occurs once in 12 years. Incidentally this year it is Pushkara festival of Godavari and also Kumbha Mela at Nasik the birth place of Godavari.

Nasik (Tryambakeshwar) is one of the four holy places (spots) where a few drops of ‘Amrutha” (Divine Nectar) spilled while it was carried by Lord Vishnu in the episode of Ksheera Sagara Madhanam. The other three are Haridwar, Prayaaga (Allahabad); and Ujjain. These are the four places where Kumbha Mela is held.

Pushkara schedule for a particular river will be for one year; however, the first twelve days known as Aadi Pushkara and the last twelve days known as Anthya Pushkara are held to be highly sacred.

Merits & Significance of Godavari Pushkara….
During Pushkara of the specified river all Brahmaadi Devathas, all Sages, all Pithru Devathas, all Theerthas in Bhoomandala including Ganga (Ganges) enters that particular river along with Brihaspathi and Pushkara.

This timing of their entry is considered as highly sacred and celestial that has the power to diminish even the ghastly and dreadful sins committed.

Having darshan, taking bath, touching Pushkara waters, drinking the sacred waters of Pushkara is considered to be highly meritorious and soul cleansing.

GO + Da + Vari; Go means Cow; Da means granting, giving; Vari means water (life force/praana). Godavari is the one that has made praana daana to the Cow.

In a spiritual sense Godavari indicates the geographical element and the direction while performing vedic rituals that we generally come across in Sankalpa sloka … “Godavari Dakshina theere” that means… I am performing this ritual by sitting to the south of the holy river Godavari.

It is said that, merits of performing Penance on the banks of river Narmada (Reva), death on the banks of Ganga, charity at Kurukshethra all the three put together one will get by taking bath in the holy river Godavari.

It is the sacred river (Godavari) that has washed the feet of Lord Sri Rama and got sanctified during His Vanavaasa at Tryambakeshwar (Nasik)/ Bhadrachalam and by Lord & Sage Sri Vedavyaasa at Basar.

Taking bath in Godavari during Pushkara when Jupiter is in Leo sign (Simhastha Guru) will fetch merits equivalent to 60000 years of Ganga Snaana Phala.

Pushkara is considered as the most sacred time to perform sacred rites to forefathers on the banks of the specified River and if it is Godavari the merits will be bountiful.

Godavari is called as Apara Ganga; by taking bath or even sprinkling (prokshana) the sacred water of Godavari one will get Go-Daana phala (in multiple numbers) and Aswamedhayaaga Phala.

Taking bath in Godavari river on the day of Pushyaarka (Sunday coinciding with Pushyami Star); on the day of Vyatheepaatha Yoga will fetch merits of Uurdhvagati to one’s ancestors.

In simple, holy Godavari is ever auspicious, sacred, celestial and meritorious and when it is associated with Pushkara the merits are plenteous.

Courtesy: Mr. Bahrgava Sarma/Sumadhwaseva


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