How To Select Lord Ganesha Idol

3 Types of Ganesh Idols Based on His Trunk Direction

Trunk to Left side – [First bend of the trunk] The Ganesha idol with trunk to the left side is normally known as Edamuri Vinayaka or Vamamukhi. This is the common form of Ganesh idol that people buy for their pooja rooms.

Now the question of why Edamuri Vinayaka is common. Here is the reason. Left side means North direction. North direction means Chandra Nadi. Now this Chandra Nadi is known for bliss and tranquility. So Lord Ganesha with his trunk to the left side is known to be calm, blissful and in the happy mood.


Trunk to Right side – [Again the very first bend of the trunk] The Ganesha idol with trunk to the right side is known as Dakshi­nabhimukhi murti. This kind of Lord Ganesha idols are not normally found in homes and offices. And there is a reason.

Right side means South direction. South direction means Surya Nadi. And such an idol is said to be active. You cannot go around worshiping a Dakshi­nabhimukhi Ganesha like any other idol in your pooja room. To worship Dakshi­nabhimukhi Ganesha, special routine rituals are necessary and you need to observe all the norms of these rituals without fail. That may be the reason, why you can only see right trunked Ganesh murti only at temples.


Idols with Straight Trunk –  You will also find Ganesha idols with a straight trunk or trunk up in the air. These kinds of idols are hard to find, but are considered special. The idol with the trunk of Lord Ganesha in the air represents a state where his ‘Kundalini’ reached the peak. These idols are always good for any home and office. So if you are to gift Lord Ganesha idol to someone, it would be best if you could avoid the Dakshi­nabhimukhi murti idols.

Rules to Follow When Selecting Ganesh Idols for Your Home (or as a Gift)  

  • Select Ganesh Idols with Trunk Towards Left – As already mentioned, always buy Ganesh idols with his trunk towards left. Lord Ganesh with his trunk to the left can be easily pleased with minimal poojas and offerings. However, if you are giving a Ganesh with trunk to the right, make sure you tell your recipient that these idols demand more attention and special poojas to keep him content. 
  • Sitting or Standing Idols are Okay, but Not Dancing – While idols of Lord Ganesh in both sitting and standing posture are considered good for every home and office, the dancing form of Ganesh, usually known as Nritya Ganesha or Natraj Ganesh, are not normally used. These idols are avoided especially in the pooja rooms. But these idols can make perfect gifts for creative people like artists and, of course, dancers.
  • Creative Representation of Ganeshas can be Used for Home Décor or Gifts, but not for Worshipping – Lord Ganesh playing tabla, Ganesh leaning to a pillow with one hand, child Ganesh lying on a banyan leaf etc are examples. These creative Ganesh idols can be and are used for home décor or as gifts. The important thing to remember with idols like these is to never keep them in the pooja room. These idols are not meant for worshiping.
  • Maximum Height of Idols 18 Inches for Worshipping – You can buy Ganesh idols of any size or height for home décor or as gifts. But when you are selecting Ganesh idols to offer prayers and to keep in the pooja room, never choose an idol that is more than 18 inches tall. This idol should also be placed on a high platform.   
  • Do not Select/Keep Broken Idols – As a final piece of advice, never buy or keep broken Ganesh idols in your home. Broken idols will only bring bad luck to you and your family. Normally, people tend to leave broken idols of deities in sea or lakes. If you have any broken idols in your home, this is something you too can do.

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