Way of life

Many people in this world are hell bent to prove that their religion is the best. There is no need to prove any of this sort. As any religion teaches on “Dharma”, a way of leading life. There is no need to forcefully spread hatred ness on the name of any religion. Every human being is great and they always feel that the religion they follow is great, no reason to kill that reality.

Instead of all these, we should be focusing ourselves on other basic or fundamental issues. There is family, spend time and hang to the responsibility. If there is none create one, nothing difficult. There are lot of people who are in need of the very basic necessities like water, shelter, food, caring and what not. There are lot of small kids on roads, footpaths etc, try speaking and help them lead a life. Every body has a right to lead a life to the fullest. We should be focusing spreading positiveness instead of negative things. It takes more time and energy to help people around and is a great sense of responsibility as a human being.


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