Why fear Shaneeshwara ?

Why fear Shaneeshwara?

All of us are familiar with the Navagrahas commonly identified as nine planets and we accord them the status of deities in the Hindu pantheon of Gods. They are worshipped in temples and have separate shrines also. Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Raagu and Kethu form the nine grahas. Of these, Shaneeshwara, the seventh planet is the most worshipped and feared one.

As per Yogashastra, these grahas are housed in the chakras in our body. Surya is located in Moolaadhara, Chandra in Swadishtana, Mangala in Manipura, Budha in Anahatha, Guru in Vishuddha, Shukra in Brumadhya and Shani in Sahasrara, the top most chakra. Raahu and Kethu are located in the Naadis.

Graha means that which has an impact or influence on us. Grahas are cosmic influencers. It is highly beneficial to worship the grahas which are housed in our body, for they safeguard our health and longevity. It is not mere superstition to offer worship to grahas. Many Yogasanas, if performed the right way ,are the worship of these cosmic influencers. Suryanamaskara is one of most beneficial asanas. It bestows both physical and spiritual benefits.

Each of the grahas endows us with certain qualities. Surya gives us brilliance, Guru gives us knowledge and fame, Budha brightens our intellect, Shukra provides us sukha or happiness. But Shani brings us disease, death and misery. Then why should we worship him?

We have to worship Shaneeshwara for spiritual benefits. Shani graha is the medium through which God draws us towards Him. Usually, when we are happy we do not remember God but suffering makes us surrender to Him. Death and disease open our eyes to reality and bring vairagya or disillusionment . We realize that the world is an illusion. Sahasrara, the highest chakra in our body located in the head is the seat of Shani. He exerts an upward pull and takes us closer to God.

In the life of spiritual aspirants and sanyasis, the influence of Shani graha is very dominant. While the samsari prays to Shani for health and prosperity, the sanyasi prays to Shani for spiritual happiness and fulfillment.

Shani is a slow moving graha. His nature is thamas. He takes thirty years to travel through twelve houses of the Zodiac, while Surya takes twelve months to traverse through twelve houses. But Shani is steady in his progress and hence he is called sthira. Saturday is called Sthiravaara. Many consider it good to start any work on Saturday as one is sure of successful completion of the work.

Shani is the son of Surya and the brother of Yama. He partakes the quality of his brother Yama, the God of death. Shani is objective and impartial in providing blessings or punishment. Worship of Anjaneya, brings relief from the negative impact of Shani and on Saturdays people offer worship at the temples of Anjaneya.

Courtesy: Shri Raaghaveshwara Swamy, Harerama


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